Guilt riddles your mind with dis ease
eats at your heart and cripples you,
paralyses to become a blithering mess.
Wake up, get over it, you did your best!

Guilt is such a waste of time and energy
If something is wrong fix it and apologise
Getting hung up about things is unhealthy
Don’t waste your life get mental respite!

Guilt is a very western term
Asian’s don’t seem to use it
Imposed by those in power
to keep the masses controlled

Yet those who made those rules
abused and lied coz they could
They have no guilt or conscious
using the system for gratification

So make your peace in your own way
then resolve never to do it again!
Or at least for a reasonable time
until you develop better habits!

DP: Guilty


  1. Politicians have no conscience or concept of guilt. They like to blame everyone else for all the ills. Most never looking at themselves. The way they spend other peoples money is criminal.

    I think some media folks also fit into the category of having little respect for guilt always reporting opinions instead of facts.

    Personally… guilt is a very destructive.

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  2. Yes! Guilt is almost always a waste of emotional energy. If we’ve done something we know was wrong, then simply apologize, learn from our mistake, and move on. No need to carry the guilt at all!

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