Scruff checking out those birds in the park

Walking is what I love most, by the river, round the block, romping along the beach. Anywhere with fresh air I am happy to stroll along without a care.

Closely checking every thing, running back and forth so I don’t miss a single thing. I know every house and bush, every lawn and every nook.

I sniff it all and cock my leg, leave my scent to mark each element. Others bark as I go by but I’m too intent chasing the birds to make them fly. Children call out to me but I run away keen to stay free. They say I’m cute but what would I know. I eat, sleep and run real far. I’m well trained and never cross the road until I’m told.

Lick most people and wag my tail but if strange men come by I bark so loud and growl so long they fear for their very life! That’s my job to protect, to warn and check.

But every time my mistress leaves my whole world goes dark. I howl and cry, feels like I will die. Then when she comes home I get a nice treat, schmakos or a walk up the street.


  1. So cute little angel. Loved the poem coming from little darling Scruff. They sure are unconditional love and I too have a golden retriever and she feels so sad when we leave her and go to work but when we come back she is all gaga over us. Thanks for this poem, Kate.

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  2. Totally creative approach, Kate – wonderful?

    One will get you twenty, when passing by a familiar scene, if there’s something new, Scruff immediately will investigate. “My” cat (technically, he lives at my parents’ home, but still…) when going past a room, will continue on his way if there’s nothing new. Yet, even the most insignificant change, and he goes right up to it and starts sniffing.

    Lord knows, that’s beyond my mental capacity. Of course, I never was good at those “What’s Different about This Picture?” puzzles. Not a problem for the cat, though!

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