Life Bared

My heart flutters whenever you are near
even after four kids and many a year

Your touch as light as a feather
know you love me in red leather

But now as cancer strips my life away
I’m blessed that by my side you’ll stay

If only everyone knew
mutual respect is our clue!

written for mindlovemisery – photo challenge #214


  1. How blessed am I that you may see
    Me naked in my misery
    Unburdened of my vanity
    And not what I pretend to be

    How blessed upon this final day
    That you don’t turn your face away
    My life, my body, my decay
    Embraced by you in every way

    How blessed am I upon defeat
    That you ignore my long conceit
    As I lay dying at your feet
    How blessed am I to be complete.

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    Having published many a poem in many a literary journal, may I be so presumptuous as to suggest this minor change in the second line: “many a year” in place of “quite a few year”?
    This would improve the awkwardness of incorrect English (leaving the “s” off of “few year” in order to make it rhyme with “are near” in the first line).

    Please forgive me if I seem to be nitpicking, but the poem is so beautiful that I can’t help thinking, Why settle for less than perfection when perfection is so “near”?

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    • lol always open to constructive criticism, will make that change now as it didn’t sound right … thank you so much! Personally I prefer Brutus’s version in my comment section.

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