Sad Skew

Our inmate populations are heavily skewed with indigenous, those subjected to adoption or foster care and those who struggled to survive so far below the poverty line that they became desperate.


They swell the numbers in our prisons and asylums as society miserably fails them.

Some enlist in our defence services where the discipline moulds them.

Most thrive but some find the power and control of killing others an antidote to their marginalisation.

We must do better than this if we are to grow as humans beans …

DP: Skewed


  1. I have a long association with foster care (perhaps a surprise to you, Kate, considering our relationship) and have grown increasingly convinced that we need to rethink our perceptions of ‘family’ in respect to genetic association in order to move forward as a society. As non-intuitive as it may seem, we, as Australians, may need to look toward our indigenous brothers and sisters for guidance in this regard.

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