Coffee Crime

Inspector Whodoneit had joined the police force deciding that his name was an easy clue to which profession he should pursue. And although his fellow officers often laughed at him after the intel was gathered he would chart every detail on his iPad in the local coffee shop run by his wife.

Then ponder all the clues while she would pose questions about the crime scene and all the characters involved or suspected while he sipped his brew and enjoyed his favourite chocolate. They were an interesting team but this simple percolation process led to many crimes being solved.  This was how he had reached such a senior rank at such a young age and the local crime statistics were dropping!

As the inspector relished his good brew in a familiar environment he really struggled to understand his fellow officers debriefs around a beer at the pub.  And everyone knew that the instant coffee provided to public servants would affront any coffee lovers taste buds. His formula worked for him.

written for Rachel


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