My Place

My safest most comfortable place in the world is in my heart
being comfortable with myself, aware of emotions is a start


My view this morning as I wrote up some interviews, that’s the corner of my table!

A couple of years ago I decided a move south was in order
needed cheap travel to visit my mother across the border!

Ballina Heads

first posted in October 2016 when I said that I hoped to live here, took a while!

It’s taken me years but here I am in a northern rivers coastal town
Folk are warm and welcoming and never wear a frown


This will be the view from my Tiny home!

This dog is my main house mate
Tiny home being built, wont be late


Scruff the bestest behaved and cutest dog in my world!

Friend’s acreage to live at a cheap rate
How blessed I am to have this fate!

WPC: Place in the World


  1. You are blessed indeed! Oh, love that view!
    Scruff is very handsome! And Cooper says “Hello” to Scruff! 😛
    Your opening sentences just drew me in and captured me! I sighed! I realized I, too, feel safe, comfortable, and joyful in my own heart. Who can ask for more. And feeling that way helps me open my heart to others. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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