lol I just posted a wordle – challenge to use ten of twelve words in a post – about laughter!

Just a coincidence or is WP stalking me
… either way I will just laugh it off
As that is the solution to any awkward moment!

Laughter has helped and healed me through so much
Laughing at the flasher on the train embarrassed him, he left!
Laughing at outrageous demands others put on me, soothes

Feeling down
Don’t wear a frown
Muck around,
Be a clown

We need to cheer ourselves and others up much more
For wallowing or being too serious is a common flaw

DP: Laughter


  1. Right on, Kate!

    Yes, sometimes I think people who wallow in the negatives get stuck in The Negative Rut. 😦 Then it’s difficult to climb out. Sad. 😦

    Laughter and fun is so healing! 🙂

    Ha! One time, when I was teenager, a man flashed me in the Encyclopedia section of a large-city library. When I saw what he was showin’ me, I didn’t know what to do, so I laughed. 😀 Let’s just say his “encyclopedia” was NOT Britannica size! 😉 😛 He took off fast. I think by the expression on his face he was not expecting me to laugh. I actually felt bad for a minute for hurting his feelings, but then I laughed again. And I was most grateful he didn’t take it any further and try to hurt me.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. I agree…laughter can raise our spirits, even in the saddest moments. I think that’s why people often tell funny stories about a loved one who has recently died. It helps them cope!

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