Flaunt it!

My mother always says ‘if you have it flaunt it’
but it was never my inclination to flaunt anything

Yet job hunting forces me to proclaim I am the best
While economics dictate that they employ the new grad

Most flaunt their wares due to insecurities
Desperately seeking some fame or fortune

Seldom do we have anything worth flaunting
but here are a few things I feel worthy …

Those with long-term marriages

Those recovered from addictions

Those who defied the odds

Those who follow their dreams

Those who sincerely help others

Those who find their purpose

Those who live with authenticity

Those who live with pure arête

Please share your achievement of any of the above?

DP: Flaunt


  1. Nice take Kate. When it comes to job hunting we do have to sell ourselves don’t we? Flaunt’s not a word I’d use but like Cyranny, I follow my dreams and I do consider myself blessed with my life.

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  2. I know the expression ‘to flaunt it’, I had a girlfriend once you’d use it, more in relation to her large bosomed sister than herself. Its not something I would think about in relation to myself though…If I did it might simply be in trying to be myself. Marriage of 23 yrs, many of those years wasted, I think not.

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    • I don’t think that looking it up in a dictionary qualifies as a ‘take’, but rest assured that I will dedicate the rest of the week to finding a conversation I can discreetly slip it into.

      I’m educated!
      Have you heard?
      I’ve stumbled on
      Another word
      Happiness will be
      Once I used the word

      Unfortunately I don’t know if I have the pronunciation right.

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  3. I did actually start this little blog as a means of flaunting my failures. And, to be sure, there is a lot to boast about in that regard. But instead I seem to have become the Villiage idiot – prancing around creative people who are painting complex and challenging pieces of art with deft touch and meticulously chosen colours whilst I apply a few crayons to crumpled bits of paper.
    It has, paradoxically though, given me a certain sense of belonging.

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    • lol we all BELONG in this cyber world … saw you today reading your newspaper at the local cafe with your shirt off catching a few rays. Left your mobility scooter outside the pub but I spotted you anyway!


  4. Oh, Kate, this is so good. Your take on flaunt it that does not consist of sexual or materialistic achievements. You have chosen such awesome areas of achievement. I’ve taken a long time to do so, but with most of these I am satisfied. Life has been good; life is good. I’ve had a lot of help – family, teachers, pastors, friends, the Lord. Give me fifteen more years and I’ll be fulfilled! 😀 Arete!

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    • To be a writer and a travel photographer. I’m getting writing gigs now plus I’m taking classes in journalism; photography inclusive. I hate 9-5 jobs. 😊😊😊

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