Here we are only just managing to float on the lake of life, feet wet with mortgage and parenting. And finally we get a conversation going then it’s like life rises up to cut our connection …

Communication is essential to every relationship …

photo by Nicholas Bruno … great work, thanks!



  1. There are folks I can communicate with and others who’ve chosen not to communicate with me. I suppose that is true of me too, that I’ve given up on some who don’t see communication as a two way street. Just like the dance of the Tango it takes (at least) two. 😀


  2. I saw you just the other day
    But suddenly I’m far away
    Pondering on what went wrong
    Wondering where I belong

    Once a baby on my lap
    You’re now a generation gap
    I nurtured you until complete
    But now I’m rendered obsolete

    I never knew it would not last
    So now I call you from the past
    Can you hear me, all alone?
    Sweetheart, don’t hang up the phone.

    I know what you are going to say …… I had my chances ….. I was never there when you needed me …..blah, blah, blah. I was hoping somehow, in my twilight years, you might overlook that minor detail and take the view that it was the thought that counted.

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