Cute but ..

His smile was like some kind of magic, his come-to-bed eyes hypnotic.
But he always laid the charm on extra thick after lashing out!

When would I learn that my love wont change him, that I need to be sure we
are all safe … that he has to exert total control deeming us his possessions.

We live in constant fear not knowing when he will erupt, the put downs
and abuse rolls on, can’t he see we are vulnerable and needing his love?

First Line Friday and Rufus


  1. so much true this generation nobody know when he/she may get in trouble and attack at ! there is rush , depression . hatred , discrimination against women , black people , minority . i dont know where this world heading to .

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  2. Kate the above is beautiful. Just a note on something else, I feel I should apologise for the appalling way the Royals treated Anzac Day. There are those of us who are grateful for all that the Anzacs gave. Time the UK became a Republic.

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    • we can only hope Anna, sorry this hurts you … personally I see them as a huge money pit for no return, maybe if people understood how much they cost they might take a different view?

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