Align …

When friends align the sun will shine and our road becomes straight and flat


When tribes align they can conquer anything!


When posts align they can imprison or protect …


When lines align communication flows!



  1. Some of our planned neighborhoods here have all the works underground. At the moment there is some updating being done so the roads a a bit of a mess as new cables are pushed and pulled under the streets to better accept the lines that will keep communications going. I suspect though that with our 6 to 8 inches of snow expected in the next two days that particular work will be on hold.

    Had a relative accidently hit a button on their phone which basically blocked all their incoming calls. At least the next time I get that particular recording… I’ll know to have the front desk send up someone to undo it. Too bad though as they missed out on a call when a few family members where here…

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  2. Great theme! You’ve shared some good lines! 🙂 And beautiful photos, Kate!
    I love seeing birds lined up on a limb, or fence, or rooftop. I always think, “Bird Convention! Wonder what they’re talking about?” 😛
    I’ve always enjoyed the lines on paper. Weird?
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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