In bygone times I was called an oracle as I see the past present and future all at once. Actual vivid scenarios in full detail reveal themselves clearly.

I hear your question “Do I warn others” … in short ‘no’.

As most struggle to believe or are too fixed in their habits to make any significant changes to even save their own life. My fellow countrymen used to invite me to do one traditional ritual a year to predict the countries immediate future but although I warned them of the impending invasion they didn’t act in time.

My traditional outfit included a huge ornate cloak, a bg mirror around my neck and a heavy jewelled hat. Took four men to lift it onto my head and would snap a mortals neck but in my trance I have huge powers of strength, healing, etc. I would whirl like a dervish as the trance took hold, give my prediction and then collapse in a heap and need three days rest afterwards. So glad I didn’t do it too often as it drains me too much.

Most know of my powers but give me wide birth, too frightened to consult me. It’s easier to have their tarot cards read or check the I Ching, mere amateurs who meddle with no real insight or knowledge. But they are preferred over the real thing as it’s just a bit of fun and not confronting in anyway.

Oddly enough the nations out to cause damage and endeavouring to dominate our universe frequently try to consult me. But my powers are meant to prevent danger not cause it so I wont be bribed or bullied. I wait and hope someday that those out to heal will realise my potential and use these powers for good.

It’s their choice, or loss, I cannot force it upon them!

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