The nuns glide along this cloister, their full skirts hiding any movement. But once the sunset they risked the elements passing the long way round across the open courtyard to avoid the eerie cold feel of others brushing past.


Too many had come and gone over the centuries that were said to haunt these darkened corridors. Everyone had experienced the ‘presence’ of many and some had heard whispers.

They confessed wrong doings … with the gardener, escaping the compound and more. A miracle that Mother missed so much but when a few nuns conspired together they could be formidable.

Some felt the whispers were urging them to sin and felt temptation surging within. The urge to be naughty but the question of fear – would it be worth it or was there truly a hell where they would fry for eternity?

Photo Prompt


  1. Great story from the photo prompt, Kate!
    Now I’m thinking about the nuns and wondering what their first sin choice would be! 😮
    Little known fact: I was named after nun. And, yes, that is so weird considering how unnunlike I am. Hmmm…or would that be unnunly? Or nunsensical?
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Well done Calmkate! I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I liked the opposing forces that you construct as you go along. It’s short, but effective. The nun’s vs the system.
    Of course I have to ask: Are you working on a novel?

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