What Matters Most

What are my priorities in life?
What causes me grief and strife?
When I am clear on what to embrace
and what to avoid life simplifies, oh joy!

If I meander with no goals or purpose
I can get lost in distractions and waste
my precious life … but meaning comes
from efficiency of my goals, what feeds my soul!

Material possessions, social standing
hold no interest. Enough to pay the bills,
good health, kind friends are what matters
As they lift my spirit and motivate me!

They set me free to pursue my goals
They reinforce what the universe knows,
if we go with the flow we will know
deep satisfaction and a joyful glow!

DP: Inefficient


  1. Sometimes when we retreat into ourselves we can reflect on what is important to us. Our health and happiness is important and those we have around us who love us unconditionally. Life is about living isn’t it. Good luck with yours Kate.

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  2. “(W)hat feeds my soul?” A beautiful question, inspiring many a delightful quest.

    Of course, the answer changes as we do, as our circumstances evolve. Good thing we’re supple!

    Nor do I begrudge anyone whose happiness differs from mine. We all pursue different ideals, which creates a beguiling diversity. Heck, “me” now and the “me” from ten years ago often are two different people. Many things remain the same, yet not everything does. That winding journey is what we call “Life.”

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  3. “what feeds my soul!”…i love this kate. Oftentimes people forget that to be truly happy and satisfied we have to feed our souls with good deeds and kind words. That for me is making my soul really jump with joy..

    Thank you for this kate…it warms my heart❤❤❤

    P.S. that is one stunning photograph kate..👏👏👏

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  4. ah thanks, I was housesitting at that time and had to take the snap … it was down a driveway and quite private but I could imagine sitting on that bench enjoying the view 🙂

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