Terry had met his match, Louise was everything he wanted in a partner but she had never been sailing. Would she support his dream to build a boat and sail the high seas.

She was wobbly on the hired catamaran but could see his passion so agreed to spending their savings and spare time building the boat of his dreams. Frankly she thought he would tire of the task and they could soon settle to an ordinary life.

 Two children later they’d sailed to Barbados and had lived on board for a year collecting a badge in every port.

Carrot Ranch Challenge – please share how you’ve followed your dream?


  1. I follow my dreams, but slowly and not in a straight path. Part of that is my natural caution, and part of it is that it sometimes takes me a while to figure out just exactly what it is I truly want. But subconsciously, I do tend to move slowly but relentlessly in pursuit of what is really important to me. (Which, thank goodness, is not living on a boat! LOLl!)

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  2. I think it gets into your blood but I don’t know that I’d want to give birth on a sailing boat. Good story and you got the badge in perfectly. Will miss you in your month’s break. Hope all is well. I may have the answers to your questions by the time you get back.

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  3. How wonderful! YAY for Terry and Louise! I hope they are happy and have many memorable adventures! 🙂
    Will you write more about them?! Hope so. But if not, ’tis a good short story and leaves us to let our imaginations travel with Terry and Louise!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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