Today i’ve read some very moving posts on this prompt, some identify an object that brings them luck but two resonate deeper with me … Parallax sharing how nature recharges him and Grateful Single Moms sharing how she is her own talisman that she has found her inner strength to be the real key!

Nature and especially the sky give me a vaster view and are readily available unless we are locked in a dungeon.  It recharges, tops up, replenishes my energy, my good will, my heart.

But so many of us have no real idea how each and every living creature has a deep limitless well of peace, kindness and care within the core of our very being!

Wish I could say I’ve tapped into it but that’s simply not true … I have caught a brief glimpse which in turn motivates me to dig deeper, be more persistent in learning how to go with the flow, to tap into our universal energy of love and kindness.  Learning to let go, living in the moment … there is good reason we’ve heard these cliches so often, it’s because they are true.  So please dig deep, go through the pain and you will indeed gain ..

DP: Talisman