If we were any sort of decent human beans
we would be crimson red

blushing from all the migrants drowned
and refused safe passage

of all the wars started and people killed,
homes and cities trashed

of all the devastating environmental ruin we have created …

of all the childish carry on, the greedy materialism
and neglect of

our poor and vulnerable; the homelessness and violence
that we breed

We’d be blushing to our roots for the life we’ve wasted
watching movies

or useless television, in idle chatter and on devices
instead of pursuing
our real purpose finding meaning
in our life and helping others when we can

are you blushing ?

… well it happened on our watch


pelicans and seagulls wasting time …

DP: Blush


  1. Actualy reflecting this past week on time lost over the years, lots of time gone, though not all lost. If only we could warn other generations to be wiser. Now its not the tv, its computer/devices, distractions abound. Yes we need to find meaning.

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  2. Brilliant take on the prompt Kate..the past month has been very challenging on me…so challenging i didn’t realize i missed out on lots of really good stuff:simple joys and simple act of kindness (to mention).
    Now, i am getting back on my toes and trying to make up and enjoy once again the many reasons why i am so much blessed..

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  3. You give us good reason to blush. It might be a good time for self reflection and a moment to decide whether one’s current path in life is heading toward or away from one’s goals and purpose in life!

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