Patience is a virtue we all know that!
It’s the antidote to anger which always
looks ugly and pushes others away
Patience takes a lot of practice to develop

Learn some skilful tools like counting to ten,
leave the room then return when calm
find a healthy outlet like writing or running
clean the cupboards out or take along walk

Anger erupts in volcanic proportions
others come to fear it’s volatile explosion
but it burns us more than them
and leaves all feeling dis eased

Find healthier ways to increase patience
It will be rewarding in so many ways
People will feel safe and comfortable
Instead of fearing your outrage!


DP:  Patience and Sammi Scribbles writing prompt – a bird of prey needs great patience!


  1. I’m just thinking – I don’t believe I’ve every known of anyone who said “I don’t like her, because she is so patient! However, impatient people might get annoyed at them. But I do hope everybody will be patient with me!

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  2. Yaa .. it has always worked and now recently I taught this tip to my daughter..anger management is one of the basic skill kids should be taught .. what we rather teach them is anger suppression .. we must accept it first to deal with it .

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  3. Very true! We all have tempers, but none of us need to have uncontrollable tempers. The more we practice patience, the better we get at it. And it is so worth it, not just for us, but for those who are around us.

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  4. […] Patience is easier said than done, it’s the antidote to all that fuels so much nastiness in our world. Why blame others when we haven’t yet mastered the art of patience over our own reactions? It will slow those hasty reactions that we regret later. Breathe deeply or walk away until we can give a more calm measured response. Such skilful interaction avoids dis ease and increases our self worth! […]


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