Do you incubate your ideas until they’re cooked, well done
or let them gently percolate to extract the vital essence
or simply throw them out there to see how they run

It’s healthy to anticipate the impact they will have
and incubate them only until they’re ready to hatch
for if we avoid or procrastinate it might be too late

Clinging is like overcooking things get burnt or stale
gauging the right time and way to share with those
who are of like mind is nurturing without suffocation

Hatching healthy healing ideas takes time and planning
but we creative’s have access that others haven’t explored,
we’re more aware than most as we read and post on issues

That many prefer to avoid or need vast amounts of tissues
We explore confront and convey what impacts us every day
We use the net to broadcast what it is we need to say

So let’s lace our posts with humour, satire and truth
try not to misconstrue or devaluate what others need to hear
as we share our general views that others can’t articulate

For blogging is a community, a movement broad and current
a window for others to view things previously hidden or untold
be bold but raw and honest as we have the ability to mould!


DP: Incubate – a new nest built just outside my window!