Where else would I be


I’d rather be dealing with reality

than drifting about in the clouds


That doesn’t mean I can’t dream

And imagine how it would be …


WPC: I’d Rather Be…



  1. Two very dreamy photos of the skies and clouds. Wonderful captures. The sky has the tendency to make us feel like we can fly and float away. There’s just something so freeing when you stop to admire it 🙂

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      1. You are right, it is fascinating that even though one for sure cannot grab the truth but not trying to look for it would mean accepting ignorance which is not at all a good option. When I started blogging I introduced myself with the same urge of dealing with the reality or truth. I said then “Absolute is so nea, yet so far..”.

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  2. Super awesome pics ..
    Clouds are the best creation .. it gives You immense freedom to form anything you wish with it ..
    I often play a game with my kids .. we choose some clouds and shape it according to our desires ..
    Thanks for sharing those lovely pics and words ..

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