Retreat Space

Three days of climbing laden with sacks of rice and lentils.
All very well for these meditators to practise in isolation
they don’t consider our efforts to keep them fed!
But I like a day away from my work at the monastery

Although if too much snow falls she may have to wait
six months for more supplies … they say I’m creating
the cause to do three years of retreat myself but
what would I know, I’m more of a kitchen hand.

Must admit the outlook from her cave is amazing
right out over the valley, no villagers climb near
Water running just below and that landscape must
be magnificent covered in snow, icy cold but scenic.

Wonder if her mind is calming or just as hectic as ever
does this contemplation really work? Heard it can
take about a year to quiet the chatter, that’s persistence
Not sure I’d have what it takes but I might try it!

The diet is very basic, no entertainment or devices,
nowhere to go and only me and the porters bringing
supplies every six months. Firewood stacked
for the cooking, animals and rain the only company.

Not sure if the simplicity would drive me nuts
or calm me down. But the routine would remind
me of the monastery where every hour is scheduled
Let’s see if I get such an opportunity, can only try!
have met a few of these great yogi’s, they are impressive!


  1. My home is my retreat… will be once again once hubby’s workplace office is finished with its construction.
    I often write in silence, except for the ticking of the batter operated clock, other natural home noises and the critters outside 😀

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