Fifty seemed the significant birthday … most of us will never make one hundred, so I knew I’d lived more than half my life. And being African American that’s no mean feat!

Sure everything has gone south, wrinkles and grey hair bear testament to the progress of my age but the alternative would be worse. I’ve managed to weather many world changing events and attended Martin Luther King’s rally’s. Slavery was eventually abolished, we finally got the vote and we have some wonderful sports, movie and political heroes of our own.

Yet my fears grow for our grandchildren and their descendants as the police can now shoot us with no repercussions. And if the police don’t get us our schools have become a shooting range where any moving target is fair game.

So although I feel content with my lot I do worry about where our world is going. The ageing process brings great joys seeing the family grow, get better educated but not sure if they can escape these random meaningless shootings. And if your skin is a shade darker the bias is increasing again, we need another Martin!

mindlovemisery – tale weaver #163, aging

NB Any bloggers in or near Melbourne I am coming south and trying to organise a brunch with Miriam on Monday April 23rd … anyone interested in joining us?