Our ears are so attuned to noise
that we follow every little sound
trying to identify and label it …

This distracts us from the silence
the pauses that are far more profound
in the silence we can hear ourselves

As it allows our inner wisdom to arise
often we are unaware that we already
know the answers, we need to make

More time to pause and listen to the
wise guide within. Once it becomes a habit
we can listen amidst the noise!


DP: Noise


  1. A unique poem dedicated to inner wisdom. It’s good for inner wisdom to become a habit. Not everyone will listen, the wise will listen to themselves to be a better person.

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  2. It is a challenge to stop and try and identify all the noises we hear…
    but it is a relief to stop, perhaps close ones eyes to hear the flow of the atmosphere and the natural things as well as our gentle thoughts of gratitude. 😀

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  3. I love that you paired your amazing poem with that particular photo!
    We can take a cue from the plants (and other things in nature) that live, thrive, grow, etc., despite all the noise and chaos around them. 🙂
    We, too, can find wisdom and grow in times of noise and in times of silence.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  4. Again kate you wrote beautiful verses out of the regular and seemingly normal theme..
    Sometimes writers would go so far creating stories and poetries out of the extraordinary theme or topic..forgetting the fact that we don’t need took farther or go beyond..its all just within our reach..

    Am i making sense kate? Lol

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