Muggle Magic

Rani was in the marketplace with Mum on ‘women’s day’ helping her to buy bangles and nail polish. They had a meagre budget for those pretty feminine things as Rani was the youngest of seven children things were tight. Just how tight they really didn’t know as Dad did all the shopping which meant no access to funds for the two ‘girls’ in the family.

Their spending money was nearly exhausted when she realised she hadn’t bought anything in particular for Rani. But she knew what she would like so they found themselves standing in front of a stationary stall. Rani was excited now that her turn had come to purchase something and she so wanted that pad of blank sheets which cost five rupees. But that was too much and gazed longingly at some pretty handmade paper, one small square for two rupees.

There was not going to be enough really for anything when the kind shopkeeper who had been watching the pair closely asked “ what would you like to buy little one?”

Without hesitation Rani said “paper to draw on, I’m going to be an artist”

Mum quickly interrupted
“Rani I’m so sorry but we cannot afford anything here, we only have one rupee left”

The kindly shopkeeper watched as utter disappointment briefly flashed across Rani’s face before she politely answered  “Sorry we haven’t enough money, so maybe next ‘women’s day’ we can come back”

The store keeper was impressed by the child’s politeness and decided she would help.

“You can choose one coloured square and buy it with your last rupee”

Barely able to contain her glee Rani carefully selected a burgundy square and held it out for confirmation as her mother gratefully handed over their last rupee. But the wise shopkeeper guessed that a pencil might also be needed for drawing. So she held out the packet for Rani and said “this is my gift to you girls on this special day”. They both smiled as Rani selected a sharp pencil from the packet.

Returning home Rani couldn’t wait to sit under the tree and draw. Her big brothers were all at school so this was her quiet time to do her own thing with only her younger cousins playing nearby. She carefully drew a star and next thing ‘woosh’ she was hurtling over the star and back to her village. Not quite sure what had just happened Rani found the sheet blank which was just as well as her pencil didn’t have a rubber on the end. But her cousins had come closer to see what was going on. She drew a pretty rainbow and then they were all sliding down a different coloured arch and bounced into the big pot of gold coins at it’s base.

Rani had read about Harry and his friends finding a magic Marauder’s map which showed them all the secret passages and whereabouts of everyone in Hogwarts … it was a useful tool which saved them many times. But this was even faster than their portkeys and she had found magic that took her into the picture she drew. So in quick succession she drew a balloon and they were all floating on high looking down on their village from above. She drew a moon and zoom they were all hurtling over it and back in seconds … this was a fun discovery that could open so many doors of exciting pleasure.

Bursting with joy Rani could not wait for her brothers to come home and show them her new magic toy!

MLM, Fairy Tale an item of magic



  1. Such an inspiring story Kate…how magic could bring a lot of hope ..the kind of hope we sometimes lose when we are faced with trials…even thi story is a beautiful reminder that life really can be magical at times and that their would always be good people around to make things better for us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You captured me in with the first paragraph! I could immediately relate to Rani! (I am 1 of 8 kids in my family)
    And as I got to the last paragraph I was grinning! 🙂
    ‘Tis a magical, joy-bringing story!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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