Life is full of choices

even not making a choice is one …


We can choose to meander through life or set our own course

it’s easy and comfortable to meander along with societal norms


As charting our own course is venturing into the unknown

it’s daring to be different and taking responsibility for our choices


It’s following our dreams and being true to our core values

it’s about questioning the norms that society imposes


Do you meander or are you brave enough to chart your own course?


DP: Meander


  1. Nice post! I actually wrote about how I meander through life. It’s not that I don’t have a destination, just that I’m flexible how I get there and open to opportunities along the way. I also love the comment that not making a choice is a choice. Great point!

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  2. I think over the course of our lives…we do each of those! 🙂
    At times, like prepping for university…I planned and set goals and am so glad now that I did.
    But in my heart, I am a meanderer! 🙂
    Great write, Kate! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to Captain the ship. I prefer to throw myself in the ocean and see which way the current takes me. But there are lots of currents in the ocean. Everyone has their own current to find. Or better still let it find them.

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  4. I felt like this was written for me Kate.
    Somehow it makes my weary mind calmer reading this…..the thought that someone at the other side of the world has the same thought as i am is really comforting..and if your thoughts and my thoughts would be the thoughts of everyone else then maybr just maybe things a lot better..but sadly it isn’t the case..

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