My mind is uncompromising in it’s busy distraction

it remembers the irrelevant nothings, inane dribble

but forgets crucial points, names and important dates

When I need to respond quickly it’s packed up and gone on holiday

As I try to sleep I suddenly think of that smart retort,

then it gets busy regurgitating every fine detail of my day

persisting so loudly it wont let me sleep ….


What can I do to keep this noisy disturbing companion

quiet in order to think? How do I distract it, train it

or turn it off … or do I submit to it’s merciless chatter

thinking I’m the only one going insane, oh it’s such a pain!

Tangled in knots, I think I forgot how to calm it right down

as it tangos away tapping on my brain my mind is never still!

Meditation is the real solution, taming my mind will be a real thrill


DP: Uncompromising – this is where I had lunch today with Mum and her friends!