Life can get messy … relationships, work, finances, politics
there always seems to be complications and contradictions


What helps me stay sane is to keep my space and my mind tidy
order amongst the worldly chaos keeps my head above water

How do you stay sane in the messy busyness of life?


DP:  Messy – thanks to Mr G for the images!


  1. I get very panicked when I cannot put my feet down flat on the floor. I have two autistic children and they can have massive meltdowns which lead them to having huge meltdowns. This can involve them emptying their wardrobe and cupboards all over the floor – cue a massive panic attack from me. Mess is a huge trigger issue for me and I’m careful to avoid it at all costs.x

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    • There have been a few very difficult years which made setting aside time to do the things that I want. Sometimes this makes life very difficult. My kids will always come first. They slowly have begun to cope a little better which in turn makes it so much easier for for all of us.x

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  2. Oh, so agree!
    Do you know the play or movie The Odd Couple?!
    I fall somewhere between Felix (neat freak) and Oscar (messy slob)! I like the lived-in feeling, where I can be comfortable and people who visit are comfortable. 🙂
    Interesting, the effort and actions that go into organizing and cleaning can help keep a person sane. As can walks, music, exercising, meditating, reading, writing, partying, hobbies, time with friends, a good movie, etc!!! 🙂
    Neat-HUGS!!! HA! 😀

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  3. I have a magnet in my kitchen:
    “A mess kitchen is a happy kitchen and this kitchen is delirious!”

    My home is has a definite lived in feel. Though I am trying very hard to let more things go… haven’t been able to do that because of the charity shops being closed. But they are open again – time to fill the started box and get it out.

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    • One thing about living tiny is you must be tidy or it doesn’t work …

      I have a box filled but only a few town op shops are open and we have to leave goodies at their depots which are definitely not open … hearing July 1st

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  4. I do like order. But somethings just get messy. I tackle them, and they get messy again.

    The first quote is right, the mind should not get messy. But sometimes I feel the messy mind creates the physical mess. Or it the other way round . Or both impact each other. Oh what a mess 😉🙃🙂😊🤣

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  5. There is a difference between lived in and messy.
    I’m not the greatest housekeeper ~ but I think my mind is semi organized, that is how I group the rattling marbles anyway 😉

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