As the day dims the bats emerge to feed
rested from their sleep during the day’s heat
they soar high with flapping wings

looking for fruit to feast!

DP: Dim


  1. Awwww thank you for sharing, Kate!! When I lived in Africa, there were lots of bats, and while a lot of people were afraid, I always loved the little creatures…. Such skilled flyers, I really enjoyed watching their evening ballet….

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  2. I saw a bat once when my Gran unrolled a rug from the garage and we found one living inside it. It’s one of my odder memories. I love the image of heat in this though, a great tonic to the snow currently falling around me.

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  3. Beautiful photo and words combo, Kate!
    They are such amazing creatures! Often so misunderstood! Judged unfairly!
    Shouldn’t we all be able to relate to them?
    We get bats in the summer and I love to watch them fly!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Makes me think of a funny story when a friend had one get in her cabin and she was petrified and called me to come over and “get it out of here!”! 😀

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  4. We’ve bats in our area too. But I haven’t seen them, but then I don’t go looking for them either. Some folks have Bat Houses to encourage them to stick around and eat the mosquitoes!

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  5. I love bats here in New England. And yes, they’re most known for eating mosquitos, so much appreciated in this area. They are smaller in size than the ones in your photo, and swish swish swish during dusk.

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    • we have those smaller ones too, they usually live in caves … those in my photo are much larger fruit bats who live in large super smelly super noisy colonies, and steal all our fruit!


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