Insight is powerful and we should all heed our
intuition as it’s a powerful tool for a more
fulfilling life. It warns and implores us to
be true to ourselves so never leave it on the shelf!

I had a premonition that I would enjoy blogging
took me ages to open an account and even longer
to write my first post … so what started tentatively
grew in leaps and bounds. Now I wait for the daily

Prompts and enjoy the weekly photo challenge
tried my hand at various challenges from wordle
to short fiction but best of all is the community
with friendly banter, support and care!

what is your blogging highlight?
or your most powerful insight?

DP: Premonition


  1. I’m so glad you found blogging, Kate! 🙂

    My blogging highlight: All of the amazing people I’ve met who have taught me so much and have showered me with love and compassion and encouragement! 🙂

    My most powerful insight: No matter where someone lives, no matter their economic status, no matter their age, no matter their ethnicity, etc. we are all more alike than we are different! Human-beans have so much in common! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. My mom taught me how to develop our gift of discernment..and i must say it goes along well with our insights.. and it has always lead me to making the right decesions….my insights never failed me so far..

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