People gather for all kinds of events from funerals to concerts, from protests to festivals, from markets to exhibitions. And when we come together for mutual causes there is usually a congenial atmosphere, a real sense of community and connection a bit similar to blogging but it’s in real life! The crowd tend to be supportive and friendly, the barriers are down as we celebrate or commiserate together.

Last gathering I attended was the Sunday markets but a most memorable one was my fathers funeral 25 years ago this month …

What have you attended recently or
which gathering was you’re most memorable?

DP: Congregate


  1. Most recently was my gathering with volunteers from Give Kids The World. Truly an amazing organization filled with love, compassion and kindness. No status to judge, no jealousy, no anger, no resentment… just a bunch of people wanting the same thing… to show (through ACTIONS) that ALL LIVES MATTER!

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  2. I enjoy gatherings of my family and friends most!
    I also enjoy gathering with those of us who do volunteer work together.
    Last BESTEST FAVORITE gathering…when all my kids, my grandson, and other family was here for Christmas and New Years. 🙂
    MOSTEST memorable one would be a family gathering when my parents were still alive.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. We lost a dear family friend last week, and held her funeral (celebration of her life) service last weekend. It was good to gather with others who also loved her, and to share memories with her family and talk about our shared history. As sad as it was to loses her, the sense of community and connection was very comforting!

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  4. We gather with family every week when we are all home (in-laws) and we try to have a card game night with us old folks monthly – rotating host, dinner first. Holidays… but I’m not much of a crowd person anymore. Last year there were a gathering for two different Weddings… Didn’t know all that many of the folks at either one. But we still had fun.

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  5. We havent been to a family gathering since we moved …but we have friends around and would usually come over for week end trips..and its always fun to catch up with them…remembering stories and events of years ago.

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