Astral Travel

A favourite past time is to astral travel
as it is limitless free flying wherever,
sometimes I hover low or speed about

I can visit places unknown or old friends
they assume I’ve come by bus and train
why tell the truth, they’ll think I’m insane!

Once met a fellow traveller going in the
same direction .. comforting to talk to
another with the same super skill set!

Started doing it in my dreams but
with extra training I can fly anytime,
no lengthy queues or tacky meals

I am as free as a bird not limited
by my physical matter, light as a
feather I can engage whenever

So set yourself free, let go and see
astral travel is not for the faint hearted
no tickets or seats to book, get started!

DP: Astral


  1. What a blast
    Is astral travel?
    Visit your past
    Let it unravel
    Discard your watch
    Forget about time
    Make love to your granny
    When she’s still in her prime

    Step out of your body
    Take a good look within
    Should I reconsider?
    Should I re-begin?
    Should I question the future?
    Or question the past?
    Or stop asking questions?
    At all
    At last.

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