Stan was a highly decorated SAS officer, a man who still inspired soldiers to salute just on seeing his artwork. Yes he was a gifted artist who had done several tours. With a few ink strokes he could make a statement about social issues in cartoon style or paint magnificently coloured flowers. But like most veterans he bore the internal scars of war, the ones invisible to the eye but readily visible to the discerning.
Stan found himself often homeless so he would squat in vacant houses. Derelict dumps awaiting demolition. He was in the habit of making them over to fit with his idea of a jungle. Up with the floor covering as bare boards was his preference. Long spiky leaves in large vessels added some camouflage. Water could be carried by bucket when you knew how to tap into the main. Bottles piled neatly around hinted at his habit.
The night before he was due in court on fraud charges he was ripping up yet another layer of lino when he hit the jackpot. Newspapers dated from about the time of his enlistment clearly indicating the societal unrest and dissatisfaction with the war. It was the perfect ammunition to win his case as he had merely retaliated in the only manner he knew how against a country that had betrayed him.


Consider this week the notion of being homeless. Most of us are fortunate to have a roof over our heads. Be it in a cold climate or warm one, living without shelter is a daunting proposition for anyone. You could explore the day in the life of a homeless person. Your thoughts on having to live rough. Is it any different between males and females and or children. Photo is of a SAS soldier from the net, not Stan.


  1. I wonder how can these military men be left homeless after they have served their country…back from where i am..i see many homeless people and its really breaking mg heart most especially for children and the elderly ….i dont know exactly why this is happening but one thing i know is that this must be addressed fully by our government…

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    • it sure needs to be … Stan is now well housed with a Housing Commission unit in the two states he moves between. His case was so extraordinary they made lots of exceptions for him after that court case!

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  2. Excellent write, Kate! So important, too!
    I’ve done some volunteer work with homeless people. Their stories broke my heart. Some were indeed former military. 😦 War changes soldiers. 😦
    Countries send young men and women off to war and expect them to come home without change and just get back into their life. 😦

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