Snow is melting, tiny buds appear and shoots from the frozen earth bear homage to the coming of another season. My heart might finally be thawing from yet another rejection … they don’t even bother to say sorry no. I have to surmise that it’s another rejection when I hear someone else is appointed.


So I resolve yet again not to apply for any more jobs.

Once again I find myself scanning the vacancies as habits die hard, surely there must be one meant for me.  Rewrite my resume for the hundredth time. Yet another cover letter propagating regurgitating the required attributes, pleading that they overlook my used by date.

Then watching those buds unfold like fairy light blossoms filling the trees, the bulbs flower into a brilliant array of colour. The bountiful birds flounce about their chirps filling the air with joy. I exhale, inhale and let go, life goes on and we are blessed!

Tale Weaver – #159 – February 14th – The Coming of Spring