Have an Elvis magnet on my fridge
Saw most of his moves when I was a kid
Liked his smile and those whirling hips
Was older when I watched his demise
So why keep Elvis for fun?
For me he is the perfect example
of deep sadness when we have ample
looks, fame, talent and wealth
Medications played with his health
died lonely and bitter
Daughter mostly left with a sitter
Yet most of us chase such superficial goals
Indeed many are prepared to sell their own soul
Temporary happiness is not even skin deep
Kindness is what we should seek
Love and helping others brings real satisfaction
Worldly fame and wealth doesn’t compare a fraction
Beauty fades with age unless you Sean or Raquel
Fame and talent are fickle
As life in public seems to prickle


Worldly wealth can’t give inner health
So avoid Elvis’s sad end
To yourself be a friend
Community contribution enables contentment
Know that it works well for me
So connect at a different level and see
It is the ONLY way to be free!

6.2.06 – Reminded by the big Elvis Festival in Parkes, NSW this weekend past!


  1. It was so sad to see someone who overcame so much (many people could relate to his childhood), rise so high, and then fall so tragically. 🙂
    Hopefully, other people have learned from his life and made/will make better choices.
    I remember hearing about a big moviestar who took two younger movie stars aside and in a big brother way tried to help the two young men see how wise it would be NOT to get involved in drugs. I thought that was wonderful!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • didn’t hear about that but it’s almost like they need a few ‘lessons’ on how to deal with fame and fortune, how to cope being in the public eye constantly and because they have money they become the target for drugs … too sad 😦

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  2. It’s easier to dream and wish for fame and wealth while blaming the lack of these on individual unhappiness. Many will blame their lack of fortune on life’s circumstances rather than choosing to navigate their own destiny. For some reason people tend to associate happiness and fulfillment with money and/or fame rather than the personal effort needed to achieve this outcome.

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  3. My two oldest sisters were very into Elvis when they were teenagers. They even got to go to one of his concerts. Being much younger I didn’t really get the appeal…later I figured it out. 😉
    This was a great poem to read again!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. I had the greatest blessing to visit Graceland last June – blessing because I believe he is one of the finest of God’s creations.
    I was quite amazed at the unknown and un-publicised ‘spirituality’, kindness and compassion behind the man. The letters he wrote to the Army when he was conscripted, asking for time so his fellow actors will not suffer pecuniary loss etc…. truly inspiring. I found myself actually spiritually uplifted by my visit.
    We tend to attribute a tragedy to the person’s wealth and fame. I think the tragedy with Elvis was not that he had superficial goals but that he did not have the love he wanted most – and the tragedy of drugs can befall even the poor and unknown.
    I like to remember him for his stupendous talent, earth shattering good looks ❤️❤️ and the most wonderful, joyous and happy memories he gave me and the whole world. Somehow Elvis makes me sing praises to my Creator for his wondrous creation whilst I at the same time pray that he will find peace and love with his Maker.

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