Cancer in the City

The ruddy clouds reflect eerily in the skyscraper towers.  A constant reminder of my temporary environment, somewhat daunting for a country lass. But treatment means a sojourn away from family, friends and all that is familiar. City folk forget that bumpkins feel disorientated in such a big busy place overwhelmed by the noise and choices.

Those colours really reflect the alarm I feel!  Add to that coping with toxins coursing through your body to supposedly make you ‘better’ while still emotionally reeling from the big C label. Too many of us face this challenge … what to do to make it less alien?



  1. Ah… an older post?
    Hard to say what can brighten our days, these days.
    I was at one time comfortable in the city (NYC) – but I am quite used to my suburbia and being near the country these days.

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  2. It is a difficult dilemma with no easy solution. It is just not cancer treatments but also those with renal failure for dialysis. A community group in and around Taree overcame this problem by fund raising and buying a house which they then did further fundraising for to buy the equipment needed to dialyse those with chronic renal failure. I had the honour of being one of the two nurses that set up the house and treated the first lot of patients. The difference it made to the lives of these people and their families was immense. It was at the time the only community dialysis centre in australia. Over time the health department took over and naturally then tried to close it down. Community outrage was great and it still exists. The big problem, as always, is money.

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  3. Your first paragraph is truly touching. My city is really quite small compared to others, but I know how uncomfortable it is for close family members to endure the chaos of dealing with big hospitals and troublesome streets. Hos nice of you to voice that concern. So sorry if it a problem you are have to endure. I’m sure I speak for all your blogging friends when I say “We care.”

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