if we pause to listen
others would feel heard

if we nurture more profusely
less would feel lost and lonely

if we were profusely thoughtful
our words and actions would cause less harm

if we could praise profusely
and be more reticent to criticise

if we helped others more
we might lessen our own greed and self focus

if we could be just as profuse in our kindness
as we have been at taking things for granted

if we could lessen our carbon footprint
then we might just save
our own endangered earth!



  1. Yes, Kate, certainly! Slide those levers – as we dial up the lights. the shadows retreat. We all have access to the control room, but most of us see all those dials and switches and freak out, doing nothing. Fortunately, there’s a helpful manual, and you’re introducing a chapter at a time, with every post.

    By the way, regarding today’s picture, is that plant really sprouting from a vertical surface, or did you just rotate the photo ninety degrees?

    The former is a possibility, as the neighbor across the street growing up found an oak sapling growing vertically from a wall, carefully extracted it, and planted it in his front yard. Now, decades later, it’s a beautiful, majestic specimen, towering twenty yards/meters, and still growing.

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  2. If only we live our lives the way you said it in your poem Kate…the world would indeed be a better place to live in…but i suppose anyone who can do it ..will have to do it..change may not happen in our generation or in our time but it will in the generation to come ..

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  3. Yes! We must work daily to make those ifs a reality.
    It amazes me that we have healing words within us and can share them daily…such power…such love! 🙂
    And yet so many people speak only words of hate or judgment. 😦
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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