cavity of grief

Death injury or sickness of those close
leaves a bleak cavity in our heart
our memories and photos
are not the same thing
They have moved on elsewhere or
cannot do all they used to …
such change brings grief for what can
longer be. Ageing or illness impose
Restrictions against our will,
unprepared we struggle to adapt
that cavity feels deep and very black!
We all process loss differently as there
Is no fixed recipe but please be sure
to support and care for each other,
as the living need nurturing to
assimilate this new state …

we will all have to move on at some stage!



  1. This captures grief so well, I understand what you have said, we all have different experiences… I have recently written a post about my own experiences with grief and a few words of advice, I hope anyone reading would have a look and share their own take on my experience! Thank you x

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  2. This hits home for me because I have suffered from great losses too whether it be losing friends to illness, overdose, or suicide. I write poems too to cope with the pain, it’s the best medicine is what I have learned!

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  3. So true… grieving a loved one feels like someone has ripped out an essential part of ourselves. Eventually, we adjust to the new reality and begin to enjoy life again, but the scar is always there. And how quickly we move on is an individual thing, so you’re right that we need to be patient with each other.

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  4. We will have to move on at some stage: true Kate…but moving on can sometimes be very difficult…for one maybe because we fear that when we have moved on; we might at the same time forget… i always felt the need to remind myself that moving on and letting go don’t always have to mean forgetting.

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  5. Loss and feeling empty are similar experiences. In some ways grief, though painful and traumatic, is better than emptiness. Rage, passion and feeling indignant about a tragic, or even an unjust loss, can reset a person’s hormonal clock. At least this has worked for me once or twice. I just recommend you have the curtains closed and the room soundproofed if you really have to let it all out.

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