If Only You Knew!

This post is so profoundly powerful – well worth clicking on to read!

The Goal is not to be Successful , The Goal is to be Valuable.

Once you are valuable, Instead of chasing after success,

It would attract itself  to you.

                         –  BOSSBABE

Do you know?

That you are responsible for your actions.

Do you know?

That ignorance is not an excuse.

Do you know?

That the saying “What you don’t know would not kill you”

Is an excuse for those that are not ready to learn?

Do you know?

That knowledge is power!

Do you know?

You are who you think you are and who you see yourself to be?

Do you know?

You are addressed the way you are dressed?

Do you know?

That the way you present/carry yourself, is the way people perceive you to be?

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom.

One helps you make a living;

via Only if you knew!


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