‘World’s richest 1% get 82% of the wealth’, says Oxfam

Let’s open a candid discussion about the ever-widening wealth gap
… whether these Oxfam figures are accurate or not
it highlights the issue that most avoid – that
42 individuals have as much as the poorest half of the population!

How can this be so, sure they may have worked harder, grabbed opportunities others didn’t see but how is this in any way fair? They claim we live in a democracy but with this wealth imbalance most don’t stand a chance.

Many enjoy comfortable living standards so they don’t wish to address the issue, feeling safe in their comfort zone not conversant with those who have far less. Many in the western world have trouble paying their daily bills as they try to keep apace of societal expectations to get that degree and often the second one; ‘own’ a house; raise a family; travel abroad, etc.

And the mass poverty in too many countries is un-comprehensible for those mentioned above as people live in a bubble, avoid noticing the homeless; those unable to afford basic health services; going without food to pay the rent …

None of us ever get a glimpse into the life of these billionaires, we really have no concept of how they live. Frankly I’m not so interested I just wish that they would choose to share more of their wealth! And lets face it with that excess sharing a few billion wouldn’t even put a dint in their savings. Yes there are those currently advocating philanthropy but if more could get on board surely some of our major problems could be resolved?

I doubt any of that one percent will read my obscure blog but it doesn’t mean we can’t dream … please share your thoughts and ideas around this topic?

PS  here is proof of how wealth blocked a sugar tax in Australia …

and how politicians raped taxpayers for a dud coal mine!