AI Rants!

As soon as I saw this banner I knew it was a ‘sign’
these people ‘know me’,
they know I enjoy nothing more than a good rant

and yesterday I found myself imposed upon
expected to drive more than 300kms in intense heat
through two major cities, Brisbane being the biggest

now I’m a good driver and used to enjoy
nothing more than a long road trip BUT …
these were planned to some degree

they had a purpose and I would ensure
I visited the maximum number of people
en-route as I seldom had access to a vehicle

WELL Bertha was different, she a hybrid
with a dashboard that resembles a cockpit!
Electronic lights and buttons flashing everywhere!

My regulars will know I’m tech challenged,
that I prefer to avoid devices and gadgets
and more importantly that I totally bask in ‘alone’ time!

Well Bertha just happens to be a real chatter-box!
Honestly she didn’t stop from the moment I sat
in that drivers seat until I could escape hours later!

Safe but with her voice resoundingly ringing in my ears
‘Turn left’, ‘at the round about …’ when there was none
only sets of traffic lights! Then came all

The yelling “traffic congestion ahead”
Not once but five or six times at top pitch
and I met a few traffic congestions on my way north

None coming home which was a huge blessing
but then Bertha decided to reprimand me as I flew
past every off ramp … ‘speed limit is 60’

And she didn’t take a break, she was relentless!
Now people are nagging me to get a smart phone
to keep Bertha company as apparently she can

Activate him with a green comb or something …
She will respond to my voice, make and take calls
and allow my travel bliss to be constantly punctuated

By any salesperson whose received my number recently
and when one has just moved house, that’s lots!
Two AI’s to contend with might just be too much!

oops sorry just realised that I was supposed to have a rant
not talk about Bertha’s ranting .. well maybe next time
I might just get on my soapbox and let rip ….

Sunday Writing Prompt #238 “Rant”


  1. I agree totally. The gizmos and gadgets actually make things more stressful at times. Nothing worse than driving in a city being chastised by a computer the whole way…

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  2. Thanks for joining us! I too am tech challenged. I remember our GPS kept telling us to go down a road that didn’t even exist and it was late and we were looking for our hotel in a city we were unfamiliar with looking for a ghost road

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  3. May I suggest an older model called HAL (from 2001 A Space Odyssey.) His voice is much more even and controlled. The good news is, you won’t have to focus on any annoying directions; you may, however, have to focus on remaining ALIVE!! 😀

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