Life offers many loopholes
we need them to stay sane
for without them we’d have too much pain

But it’s the loopholes big corporations exploit
at our expense that leaves me more bereft
They avoid paying taxes, enslave their staff

They push all limits for massive profit
mindless of the pain they cause
No ethics, no regard for fairness

But with politicians in their pocket
they persist for bigger profit
Raping resources, destroying our environment

Creating wars simply for their profit
loss of life and irreparable damage
without care but karma will repay them!



  1. Cruel humans never letting the people live happily. No idea when will sanity prevail. Will karma circle back to them in time? I always have doubt on the karma repaying part. Till when? As new ones are in line.

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    • karma is an interesting fact Kritika, my understanding that if one repays their debt – good or bad – quickly it is of similar impact to the deed they did. BUT if it doesn’t bounce back swiftly, the longer the karma take to complete then it multiplies massively … something we should all be mindful of …

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