We all study people we have never met
We study the horse’s form before we lay a bet

School and Uni provide more formal study
yet our daily experiences teach us far more!

We learn from every person and situation,
if we stop studying we wont grow

For it’s how we all get to know
societal rules of behaviour

What is the norm and what’s not
But some refuse to conform

These are the characters we often watch
For their daring to be ‘different’ attracts

Some angry, some curious and some with envy
That they are so comfortable in their own skin

Are you are conformist or dare to be different?
I love a real character who crosses that line!



  1. I admire people who have boundaries and live within them. No surprised are you? Really I am so conservative, in today’s environment I’m the one who lives “free.” Being “me” is a popular position unless you are me. haha

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  2. It is fascinating to watch people, to listen to them, observe their personalities and temperaments. 🙂
    I am just me (which is pretty different! 😮 )…some of the time that means conforming…other times it means doing my own rebel-ing thing. Ha. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. calmkate, sometimes when opposites get acquainted, stereotypes are shattered and lo and behold what is left stand there is quite appealing. I do have limits, however, if what is left standing there has to use certain words to express every emotion – ugh.

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  4. I had found in poems in an attempt to form rythm one often looses the context.
    You are a strong exception to that inference of mine .

    Portray the feeling and your thoughts blended effortlessly in words that flow.

    Thanks for sharing.

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