If drifting in survival mode life stagnates
Wiser to put in persistent effort
to ensure our life is more meaningful

For if we stay static we attract danger
depression and anxiety might haunt
boredom is toxic, we need connections!

So decide on your goals and stay focused
to achieve what you need and benefit others,
then we are living fully with less regrets!



  1. On the horizon of the clouds, a storm close, but these rays shining through the clouds give hope that the sun will come out soon.
    You write interesting, heartfelt poems.

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  2. Some how I always think of static as being that force that makes clothes come out of the dryer cling. And when walking on rugs – we purposefully or accidentally zap our friends and family.
    But yes static can be stagnation… a brew that must be stirred to positive action 🙂

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