Weathered Carvings

Most are keen to leave their ‘mark’
like those who carved this tree in my park

Graffiti has been around since time immemorial
most now carve our mark in cyber land

With life, poems and photos on various social media
Whose will weather best – that tree or our blog?



  1. Whose will weather best – that tree or our blog?- good question Kate…i hope that even with the advent of technology we still keep doin this simple joys when we were young: carving trees, playing around with neighbors..

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  2. Trees are amazing and can live such long purposeful lives.
    Such an important question, Kate.
    Hopefully, our interactions on social media will make good memories of people, friendships, words, love, encouragement, laughter, etc. 🙂
    No offense to people…I’d rather spend time outside in nature than sitting in front of a screen/moniter. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I hate seeing trees and rocks, etc., marred in any way. I am sure it hurts them.

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  3. Love that tree and the text it sparked in you. A good question. I don’t see how cyber space can ever leave the lasting sentiments a carved tree does. I feel the loss. But I do enjoy cyber friends! 😀

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  4. Recently encountered a defaced tree, first in a while, saddened that the tree bore the scarifying. Cyber land will contain traces long after whole societies have passed on. Everything seems to offer a canvas, but some come at a greater cost.

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  5. Love the poem and the pic. You pose an interesting question my friend. As much as I don’t like seeing trees scarred like this I’d say there’s a far better chance that mark will be there much longer than our blogs. But then again, the way that trees are cut down these days, perhaps not. And I’d like to think this WP community will be around for a long time yet. 🙂

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  6. The good thing about blogging is the way it can connect us to people all over the world. The bad thing is that our blogs can be deleted by Word Press (or an internet hacker) at any time, and thus permanently lost. And I do worry about people, especially children, becoming addicted to their screens… far better to interact with the natural and real world!

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