winsome webs

The winsome webs were woven
into a spindly spider ghetto
They knew safety as a community
interdependence their way of life

If only we could see that our life is web like
profoundly interwoven with everything we meet
nothing happens just by chance
it’s the lessons and connections we need most

Connecting as a community, sharing our resources
brings peace and harmony so few will experience
Individuals claiming independence have a tough
solo gig isolating them from integration



  1. Good insight. I’m lucky to have a lot of good connections and can’t imagine trying to do life on my own. Those who have good support groups need to reach out to those who don’t, being connected is so important.

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  2. Absolutely, Kate! The more connections we can muster, the richer our lives are. Similarly, our actions affect not just us, but all those present on our web. The others are there for us; best to exude benevolence, keeping them happy and of a generous disposition!

    By the way, few sights are as striking as is a spider’s web bejeweled with dew as the sun warms the morning landscape. And to think, they (spiders) did all this overnight, while we slumbered!

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