Years of dreaming and finally
I relocated just over the border
Time aligning with most of the country

As we wandered down the unlit lane
a fruit bat swooped near by
and frogs leapt about in abundance

A cane toad rested on my foot
we ate delicious pizza
and got the groceries

Everything just as it should be
A few hills
with vast views

A lay back quiet place
vastly different to the big busyness
that I’ve just left, anything is viable

Couldn’t have done it without massive support
from a whole team of kind friends
Help to pack and clean

A lift in a convenient truck
good humour and cheer
so grateful for all this luck!

A spacious and beautiful home
with a new friend met abroad
until I get my wheels

The synchronicity and hospitality
the support and the tolerance
what comes next … I’ll let you know!