Growth is essential for all living things
and like crops we benefit from an annual replant
So a new year brings opportunity to assess
what we might change, have we done our best?

Beware stagnation, avoid survival mode
For some risk taking we need to strive
Question ideas and mind-sets to really thrive
or our fields could fall barren!

Challenges are necessary to stretch us
as our heart and brain need a work out
We each have the resilience to learn and grow
We each reap the consequences of every seed we sow

So be careful of all you plant in your field
review if it’s helpful or harmful to others and you?
Try to be honest and ethical in all you do
Relax and be kind to yourself too!

WPC: Growth


  1. Nicely put Kate. I particularly like the line “We each reap the consequences of every seed we sow.” That is so true but so often we either don’t think or don’t put the effort in. I also like that you drew attention to the fact that we need to be nice to ourselves. A lovely response (both picture and poem) to growth.

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  2. Wonderful! I love your comparison of crops to our lives/growth! We must plant seeds in the earth and we must plant seeds of kindness and love (etc) in human-beans. (I call human beings human beans! Ha! ) 🙂 People are such rich soil to invest in and cultivate!
    HUGS!!! and Here’s to growth in 2018!!! 🙂

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