Conversation is our main form of communication
coz it impacts on all our relationships
be kind, listen and respond appropriately

When we truly hear with our heart
It puts others at ease they feel valued
allowing the conversation to flow sincerely

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good chat
lunch today with like-minded friends
or an on-line conversation with Irene

Prefer sincere heart-felt sharing
where no one judges
and opinions are heeded

Sharing our vulnerabilities and thoughts
Being open honest and raw
connecting with each others core

Give time and attention
when we have differing views
to debate the point without abuse

Not trying to force our view
But exchanging ideas and opinions
with mutual respect and integrity!



  1. Listening (as you wrote, Kate, “truly” listening, with ears and heart open) , is crucial. Observing is important too, particularly when languages don’t coincide.

    Quite a few gestures and tones are common to us all, and allow for communication, at least at basic level, even a shared language is absent.

    Of course, a mutual language, as have in English, helps immeasurably.

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      • You inspire, and we cross the finish line with it. Pretty productive, and unselfish, approach, Kate!

        It amazes how universal some gestures are. Up-and-down means “yes,” side-to-side is “no,” shrugging the shoulders signifies “I have no idea.” Doesn’t matter whether “home” is the Peruvian Amazon, or suburban Berlin. Somehow, those basics are hot-wired into us as a species.

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  2. Always two ears, one mouth – listen twice as hard.
    Thinking before speaking always a plus.
    Too many have their own agendas and it doesn’t matter what you say because they only listen to hear themselves.

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  3. Exactly how communication should work!
    Oh, if only everyone would read your poem and take it to heart!
    I always think about this…if we have open hearts, open minds, open eyes, and open hands…we communicate better, and connect better, with others. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. I am truly honoured and what a great poem. I’m going to ask your permission to share it at my toastmasters meeting. I wrote a post called Stranger Danger about conversation and giving some tips (which I am trying to follow myself) in the art of talking to a stranger. Tip 8 is about listening. As you said – listen with your heart. I think of it as listening to understand, not listening to make a response. Everything you have said is so spot on. I’ve enjoyed our online chats also.

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