While overseas my unit sold whilst off the market … not heard of that happening before. This leaves me little time to cull, pack and relocate. One of my very kind students immediately offered to share her home in my preferred state but it’s still an hour north from my ideal location.

Now I need to settle on a builder for my tiny house on wheels, order my new home and then find an ideal parking spot. My vision is a quiet field close to everything, a tall order at the best of times. I’ve also found a possible community, a mix of people currently trying to purchase land an hour west from my preferred location. Can I close that one hour gap?

Relocating provides the perfect opportunity to cull our worldly accumulations, to review our goals and pursue our dreams with renewed vigour. We make new friends and new possibilities open that may not have arisen had we stayed sedentary.

Share your last major relocation?

Daily Prompt: Relocate

[Photo thanks to WYZA article on Tiny Homes, thanks!]