2017 Favourites

Flying home over the Himalayas as I’ve done for decades.
where the sky and the mountains seem limitless
… just like our inner qualities


Contrast of light, texture and colour;
diversity enhances our world!

The Gifted Gardner

The gifted gardner who makes our garden bountiful
just as our souls are blessed with kind care


His blooms brighten our day
just as sincere concern opens our hearts!

Version 2

Handlooms weave pleasing colours
into warm patterns that bring such joy!

IMG_3295 (1)

While back home I’m blessed with stunning sunsets
where nature shares her magic majesty


and tiny sea-snails trace a natural pattern
that resonates deeply when we truly let go, allowing life to flow!


a deserted beach with rhythmic waves
bring calm, gratitude and joy!


a cheeky lorikeet peers out his front door
as I rejoice in the freedom of his safe tiny home


laze with the seagulls or roll with the surf
I’m off on my next adventure to find quieter turf!

WPC:  2017 Favorites


  1. Wow! I love seeing your 2017 favourites all in one post! Beautiful! The colors in the photos just pop on this cold dark night! And your wonderful words connecting them was a joy to read aloud! (I enjoy reading aloud. Especially poems.)
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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